Romantic getaways are the idyllic way for us to connect on a deeper level. No matter the city, state, or country, I'm always up for new adventures. Whether it's a day, a week, a month, or years to come, my vibrant personality will have you wanting to keep me all for yourself. From Skiing and hiking, to shopping and dining, from Iceland to  Barbados (and many places in between) anything is possible with a little planning and imagination. 

So where shall we go? I can't wait to accept your invitation. Adventure is awaiting!

I can accompany you on a business trip, holiday or simply a short getaway. You provide the transportation be it, plane, train or boat, and I most certainly will bring the fun!
I'm available for Domestic and International travel. 

It's important to note; 

  • Whilst Business or First class airfare is always appreciated, it is Mandatory for trips four hours or longer.
  • I ask that a gift card for the airline of choice to be sent so I can book the trip myself (Airfare is not included in the rates).
  • Screening will be extensive for new friends requesting travel, please provide me with the necessary information for my safety.
  • To confirm, travel expenses must be paid in full at the time of the booking along with a 50% deposit.