A simple taste



Quick Rendezvous

2h to invoke your desire


Dinner & Dessert 

4h to capture your heart/ My favorite date for new friends.


Additional hour 




12h flirtatious stay



24h in paradise


Longer engagements 

48h lover's getaway



72h romantic escape


Additional day(s) after 72 hours £1,000/10.000kr per day.

Couples, add 50% to any rate listed above

Exclusive arrangements

  • Ongoing arrangements are available upon request.
  • Out dates worldwide, travel cost are not included, please enquire.

Show Affection 

Tips aren't necessary but greatly appreciated. 

Donations are for my companionship only;

Anything that happens in that time, is between two consenting adults.

** Screening applies to ALL new friends without exceptions **

** A deposit of 10% is required for new clients bookings. All deposits will be taken out of the total booking fee.

 ** All outcall dates with NEW FRIENDS MUST be to 4* or 5* HOTELS. Residential homes are considered with old friends only.

My minimum meeting is 2-hours. I understand if your schedule does not allow 2-hours meeting, we can stay together as long as you are able. However, my 1-hours minimum still applies.

** All rates are fixed and non-negotiable.
 ** Present the donation in a gift bag, greeting card, or inside a book within the first five minutes of our meeting.**
  ** Please save us the embarrassment by not asking for discount, its simply insulting**
 **Dates 3 hours or more must include an activity, drink or meal. (I am happy to make recommendations.)** 
 ** I'm available for Domestic and International travel.
** For overnight engagements and longer I will need 7 hours of undisturbed sleep each night to behave my sweetest. **

** To grant us both some kind of security,
Taxi fare pre-booked and paid by You**

I receive a large number of inquiries and am selective about those I choose to spend time with, priority will be given to dates of four hours or more.